Friday, June 18, 2010


not a very healthy habit to have or cultivate,
so i am now ready, set and go.

right. (-_-)

im sooo lazy to dress up right now!!!!!!!
hmmm, i wonder if the company would be fun....
i have a phobia of boring company i think its getting to worst..
to the point i think twice about going out and meeting people,
i can even imagine my dear colleague ryan's reaction right now,
"why fei??"
his modus operandi is to use reverse psychology,
take me on a guilt trip, so i'll come to my senses,
and accept whatever invitation it is, with an open mind,
that not all people are boring, not all people are evil,
not all people are out to get you and not all will be plain dumb,
its pretty fearful when you talk to someone so narcissist,
you just want to save them from falling graciously into that hole, ha!
of cos there are nice people (breathe in)
of cos there are fun & spontaneous people (breathe out)

i know its such an unhealthy habit,
the result was prbbly i had way too much human contact,
it starts to make me shun them. but as a human,
we all crave human touch and attention,
its really a connundrum, it really is.

so stop posting, go get dress up, says the rational part of my head.

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