Friday, June 11, 2010

the joy of giving is the GREATEST joy in life

and what have you given recently?
by recent i meant, today...... :)
i'm sure you did give something, right?

i sure did, i was in Taichung, Taiwan, after a series of meetings,
i gave it to the lady who was waiting for the High Speed Train,
i was sitting beside her at the platform with a rolling green view
looking like a freshly-scrubbed glassy touch screen display,
foggy mountains beyond and clouds hanging as the sun sets
humid air mixed with the breeze after the rain,
i closed my eyes to savor it and open my eyes to drink it in.

i just had to say it "Taichung is so beautiful after the rain"
and the lady who sat beside me looked at me with such a beautiful smile
she blends in with the picturesque crisp air of taichung... its priceless....


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sia said...


nice one.

I've forgotten when was the last time i 'give' and 'repay' randomly.

something like someone on the street, even or unicef. but certainly, i need to be more generous and learn more from seasoned ones like you ;)

it certainly feels good, and good things really come by naturally and unexpectedly each time i did. not necessarily monetary returns, maybe good luck, mood etc and that always leave me puzzled.

hmm. today i gave:
- RM2 to that fella who insisted i pay RM3 for parking, whereby i already automatically gave RM1 to DBKL parking machine

- RM3 to the uncle who sold me RM3million hope; this is with some expectation, so i think i won't be winning anyway :)

- luncheon to my co-contractors who always been nice to me and clients

and today i was given:
- 1x FOC chee cheong fun by an joyous aunty who wanted us to try her original chee cheong fun w/o sweet+chilli sauce

what a good day!!