Tuesday, May 18, 2010

unlimited inspiration

it was a long 10 days not logging on facebook to browse through friend's recent links or photos,

today it felt inspiring to look at amazing videos, up coming movie trailers, recommended books and especially holiday trips! even in countries that a person has been before, someone else can always present something new.
this is what i like about the internet, you are so information overloaded, you cant even complain because you are gulping it all up with the fastest speed you know how and when you get what you want or something new thats totally unexpected and you love it... it feels like you just had the best and the most romantic meal in the world.

yes, i use the word romantic, because inspiration from other people can can touch your heart closest to how a romance touches the heart, everything seems more beautiful serene and angelic.... and just foreverly imprinted in your heart...

i love facebook and google for this very reason.... unlimited inspiration!

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