Friday, May 14, 2010


740am in the morning and i saw a missed call from Ariel
I was a bit taken aback wondering something must be up
so i called her back immediately to a phone with no answer
and by the time she finally called back i was at the office,
and my gawd what a shocker when she told me that
my name appeared on EDC's blog ! Yikesss what???!!!
yes, completely utterly shocked and the pounding heart of mine
stop for a few miliseconds when i hear her out,
i quickly log onto the link and there it is...
the gray title with my name glaringly bulgingly stood out,
whoa.... what a shocker... i can only say this is such a law of attraction,
must be thinking abt EDC and waiting for his English album (i so WISH!!!)

so i re-post it on my fb status, and my boss saw the post,
he read it and laugh until his face is red as a betroot red
and tears will prbbly start rolling out from the corner of his eyes
as what my colleague says, and so EDC made your day!

p.s. thank you for calling me despite early hours, hahah!!!!

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