Friday, April 16, 2010


i was suppose to head to Taiwan either last week or this week, April is the month to head to Taiwan, just because i like to visit around this time, and technically its suppose to be this week, cos my client is launching their new channel. and i want to be there to show some support, but because i am sooooooo lazy to plan that trip in such short notice and because there's so many things to sort out after the accident and stuff... i procastinate....

now see what happens la...EDC is in Taipei this week to launch a new JUICE shop... apalah ini??? why sooooo no fate one??? no wonder i suddenly have this EDC news craving today, must be some EDC fans concentration vibe-ing around the region lol.....

JUICE Taiwan - opening tomorrow -

Juice TW
NO 38, Dun Hwa South Road.
Section 1, Alley 161.
Taipei, Taiwan

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