Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bollywood Epic : Jodhaa Akbar

the last time
and the many times i watched a Bollywood movie,
the lead actor was always SRK Shah Rukh Khan
so why Jodhaa Akbar?
Cos this film was actually showned on Taiwan television!
the funny thing was, it was more popular outside of India
like in North America... but not in India until later...
they also won international awards in Russia and South America
so curiosity got the better of me,
i finally, had time to ppstream it yesterday

of course i watch the film with skepticsm
because im very WORRIED of cheesy Bollywood songs
and the misconception of dancing and rolling down the hills scene....
always always makes me cringe,
i guess reality is not like that,
and when you lost the ability to enjoy cinematic pleasures
life is sad and i dont want to be trap in a sad life!i want to laugh and enjoy it!
since i love epic romance and history,
moreover this was suppose to be based on some legend,
all these are enough to convinced me to watch with open mind
and wow, i was surprised, i actually like it,
it arouse some kind of amazement in me,
maybe because im fascinated with India right now?the only part that i laugh so hard was all the kings
and their very very 'significant' curvy mustache, classic!
but i love the colors, i only knew now why the ladies
had a scarf over their head, and it was use to quite the
maximum in this film, watch and you'll know why!
once i finish the film, i scroll back to certain scenes,
to relieve the feeling and listen to the songs
and to their script, i FELT like it wasnt hindu,
and so i googled, and wow, they were mixing
Urdu, Persian, Hindu and Sanskrit altogether!
no wonder they sound so beautiful!

Jodhaa A Rajpur Princess
Akbar A Mughal EmperorJodhaa was a Hindu and Akbar was a Muslim
when watching this film you have to realize something,
you are watching a historical event,
you can't roll your eyes at very simple problems,
because diversity does NOT easily co-exist centuries ago
and not easily accepted, so tyrant, dominance, bias etc
is something common and something that is feared

and the basis of the film is respecting the differences
as a basis of uniting india, i mean its a simple idea,
but not something people can accept in the past,
so i am impressed if the legend was true, the king was wise
i guess the last two pics are depictions of the Jodhaa and Akbar
centuries ago..... people who hated them wanted to wipe them out
of the face the history, but i guess love prevails hatred in this matter


Amanda Bintang said...

owh! i love this post fei!

Amanda Bintang said...

Another good Hindi movie i'd suggest is Black. Starring Amitabh Bachan and Rani Murkhjee. This is the one movie that probably did not have any dancing or singing. (if my memory serves me right) but it was really inspiring.