Saturday, March 13, 2010

Andrea Bocelli - Live in Hong Kong, 2010

this is one of those "100 things to do before I die" things,
to watch Andrea Bocelli live in concert...... i was 17 when i first heard Bocelli's Cieli di Toscana,
and amazing enough, the link above is EXACTLY what i saw,
that forever imprinted in me, this amazing voice.
this was a TV series about the album
i heard Melodramma, i was moved,
i saw L'abitudine in the same series, a duet, i was amazed,
and also bcos the series was so beautiful at his hometown, Tuscany, Florence
and then I realize I heard a song before,
"Time To Say Goodbye" duet with Sarah Brightman
and i guess that's the song that most people would know too

some say he is someone who could 用声音感动上帝的男人

i like Bocelli a lot because the blend of contemporary, easy to relate to,
Bocelli is not Pavarotti, who to me is a full fledge classical music tenor
Bocelli is more around us (the younger generation) compared to Pavarotti,
example you will see Bocelli sing in popular shows like Grammy's
and even at the UEFA Champions League football!
and it was especially after i saw a snippet from this concert
click here to watch the full concert for free, Vivere Live in Tuscany
and duet with a whole host with famous musicians and singers
at the Teatro del Silenzio aka Theatre of Silence not just any theatre
because they only hosts a concert ONCE every July.
and Bocelli, the honorary president,
has agreed to sing once a year for five years,
with the theatre remaining silent for the rest of the year!it would be a DREAM COME TRUE if i can watch him there,
because 2010 will be the 5th year which is the last time Bocelli
would sing there unless they are able to renew the contract with him?
by the way the concert is already sold out....

somehow I felt like googling him this year,
because I am so in love with this song, Chiara....
I saw his Asian tour schedule,
and I bet Bocelli don't come to Asia often,
but he will be going to Hong Kong and Taiwan!!!!

I know we just gotta buy the tickets
to go watch this amazing guy in Hong Kong
yes, including Scott cos he's coming too!!!!
o.m.g. is this coming true?????


cassieandrea said...

i like this post!!!! ^^

Fei said...

haha, i dunno why u like it, but im happy u like it!~