Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiger Woo Hoo

What does Woo Hoo mean to you?

Woo Hoo is the sound that you can make
when you are extremely happy, excited, elevated
that you pump your fist in the air and go
"WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Woo Hoo is also the sound that you will make
when you are not able to buy the Tiger Woo Hoo
in which you will then begin to cry and bawl like this....
"WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!"

and seriously, there are no more Tiger Woo Hoo
available for sale in Eu Yan Sang,
I bought my first and last Woo Hoo,
because there was only one left as display,
but i had to give it away as presents...
so i went to quite a few malls
to look for a set for myself but i can't find any,
i feel really really sad that i can't get more sets!
the Tiger Woo Hoo movie prove itself to be super popular!
i took this pic from another blog, cos i didnt take any pic of mine.

anyhow, Happy Lunar New Year to all!

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