Friday, February 12, 2010

GLEE! is crazy good

GLEE is quite a refreshing new TV series,
i saw this on Star World after watching American Idol
(by the way Ellen Degeneres is a great choice of judge!)
to me GLEE is truly unlike the other series,
how in the world can you write a long season script,
about a singing club?? a movie possible, but a season?
GLEE feels like a mini High School Musical series,
though a much much more 'refined and enlarged'
of the stereotypical American high school lifestyle
you will see a caste system for everyone here,
the jocks, the cheerleaders, the punks,
and of cos not forgetting the LOSERS
that is probably what the L in Glee stands for
and it is actually quite inspirational!
if you might love any of this,
music, dance, performance, stage lights,
diva, funny kids, or a funky script for a biatch,
you could be totally locked to watch this,
by the way i think they won some big award for
Comedy / Musical category for TV series
watch this to get an idea about GLEE

GLEE appeals to the average young audience,
so if you can't enjoy this TV series at all,'re in serious trouble in loosening up
remember how is it like to feel YOUNG with DREAMS?
watch the Glee girls mash up of HALO / Walking on Sunshine
watch the Glee boys mashing up Its My Life / Confessions
i think this mash up is damn good whey!!!

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