Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Tokyo Tower picture

this is one of my favorite travel photography blog
his recent picture taken at the Tokyo Tower,
but what does this picture tell you as well?

Trey wrote this: "Every window is a different experience
and it is the sort of place you just don’t want to go to alone."
i always find it AMAZING
so many times we can come across a picture,
beyond discovering the surface value of beauty,
you discovered a deeper sense of CULTURE through it,
example: this pic is a very definitive moment of a culture,
you do not see a SINGLE person alone here, do you?
everyone is either PAIRED or GROUPED,
and i can even go to the extent to say
Asians tend to grouped together,
and never a lone ranger if we have the option
a nice pic to ponder about and learn abt Asians

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