Sunday, January 3, 2010

How To Make Human Alphabets

compiled these human alphabet photos from
i'm inspired to write this post because i think

is still one of my fav picture of all time!
and people loved it lots too!
so i totally wanna say you can do it too!
i googled more human alphabets ideas,
but they weren't even inspiring at all,
come on, they were doing words like
how uninspiring is that?!!!i would love to make these human alphabet if there's chance,
M.A.G.I.C. (love this!)
H.O.P.E. (inspiring)
C.A.R.E. (inspiring)
T.O.U.C.H. (inspiring)
A.R.T. (
S.E.X.Y. (what a total turn on if girls does this)
M.A.Y.D.A.Y. (my fav band lorrr)
I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. (because its ironic!)
and so many more like... even MONA LISA!!!
am thinking to mobilize the JIMUISSS
to make JIMUISSS when they come Gohtong Jaya! ha!

Step One - PEOPLE
the main consideration when doing Human Alphabet is
how many people are there to make up the words?
and also the GENDER, you dont want to end up
2 total stranger making the Y do you???
and HEIGHT matters too actually, same height works well
also IGNORE the acrobatic part, i mean look at the
S above this picture?? its too acrobatic, ridiculous!
and the E, you only 2 people to make an E, not 3!
Step Two - WORD
Think of a word that can be done with the people available
(and please something inspiring, haha!!!)
i think FOUR letter words are the best,
well thats just my opinion if you can make like
it doesnt have to be ENGLISH, you can make...
TEH TARIK / ROTI also can... damn kao funny!
Step Three - Location, Location, Location
you need to consider where you are,
all these pics are white backdrop, its not inspiring,
somewhere holidayish or memorable for you with space,
would be PERFECT, because you are with your friends,
and you're making the MOST AMAZING memory with them!
of cos the setting has to be nice too!
Step Four - Settings / Lights
our L.O.V.E. pic was set at a beach against the sunset,
the main idea is to make the human look like shadow,
(and yet not completely dark until you can't see yourself)
this idea was because there are many times when i take pics
at the beach, silhouette seems to look really beautiful!
of cos its personal preference... you might like something shocking
like bright yellow, bright blue or some colorful walls...
you could be in the SAHARA dessert,
or in the middle of New York 5th Avenue,
or even just KLCC... oh yah, dont be ashame to do it
but please plan in advance, so you look super cool doing it,
hahaha instead of a bunch of tourist arguing about words!

Step Five - camera
if you have a tripod, GREAT
if you dont, either someone has to sacrifice to not be in the pic
or you could get a total stranger to help you,
but remember to MARK THE SPOT for the stranger to stand,
they dont see things the way you do....
Step Seven - Additional Props / Costumes
if you look at the IDEA above,
they use an orange board to make the DOT for the I,
it may help too! to emphasize something you have in common,
if you are not wearing same colors, it would look natural,
but if you color coordinate, it might pretty cool too!
here are some sample Human Alphabets,
but like i said dont try ACROBATIC stunts,
you might just hurt yourself, its just a picture...
B = can do one person (refer to Business)
PQRST = can be improvise too many to explain
actually many of it can be simplified...
if you plan in advance, you could invite
total random strangers and make great fun!!!!
i am SOOOOOOOOOOO gung ho wanna do this now!

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