Wednesday, January 6, 2010

falling down the stairs!

its getting worrying, today is the SECOND time i fell down the stairs again! in less than a month's time.... the first time i fell down just 2nd week of December, the only justification as to why i fell down, because i was texting while walking down the stairs, when it happen, i literally was putting my foot down just the first flight of stairs (going down), my left leg slipped and i sat on my bum and immediately slip at least 4 staircase down, with my right ankle was then twisted and caught in between the staircase and my bum, while my left leg slipped and was heading straight down, like a barbie doll leg, unbended! Basically i scraped my right ankle too.... thank god a girl coming up stop me in time with her legs before i fall all the way down..... and i was so embarrassed it was at a food court too.... so after that, i avoid texting when going down the stairs and hold on to the railings....all my colleagues knew because i told them about it and always walk behind them whenever i can.
3 weeks later, today, i did not text AND i was holding the railings too! this time my leg slip again, not sure which one, but i fell backwards!!!! meaning, if i didnt hold the railing, my head and my back will hit the staircase literally!!! can u imagine how ugly the whole scene look like, i mean, i was making that 180degrees turn while falling straight down, my colleague didnt saw me and they turn around the corner, 2 ladies behind me just kinda squeal and was trying to help, i literally, use my hand to stop falling, shit what the hell is wrong with me??????? this time my toes are twisted, damn painful. if i fall the third time, man, can buy jackpot already lor! i should look on the bright side, maybe its a sign that i should really keep my bum bum smaller, or go on a healthy diet, because obviously my leg can't carry my weight, or something must be wrong with me whey....

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cassieandrea said...

walauuu T__T now better anot?