Thursday, December 24, 2009

a video that could be a marketing tool

this was the first video i came across that i think
a corporate company recognizes the opportunity
of a concept that could be associated with their brand!
over 25million hits, Matt Harding Dancing Around The World here,
VISA saw the opportunity and made this about 80k hits already
today my colleague shared this with me,
for somekind of campaign related to the blind community,
but it is not, but if you see it as the same way that it can be replicated
this video is quite a relevant idea to be associated with blind,
using the football superstar to create an awareness
about the blind community and their participation in sports,
it felt like something that Standard Chartered could explore
through their partnership with Seeing is Believing
but i dont work in StanChart... ... haha...
i feel rejuvenated looking at these inspiring creative videos!

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