Friday, December 25, 2009

i didnt know Bradley Cooper Speaks (fluent) French?!

totally didnt know who this actor is,
but he look soooo good in Yes Man! (with Jim Carrey)
dimple...awwwww... so boyish kan???just a few weeks after, i saw the Valentine's Day trailer,
its him again?? this time i know its Bradley Cooper!
and he can look so man at the same time !!
somemore BLUE eyes, melt....and his voice is magnetic!
try youtube-ing it,or better just watch his films!
source from IMDB, Bradley appeared in many movies de lor!
New York, I Love You
He's Just Not That Into You - he's so hot here...
(ppstream: 其实你不懂他的心)
All About Steve
(ppstream: 关于史蒂夫的一切)
this video also shows him speaking fluent french!
bonus points to the max....!!! and an article about him,
5 things you need to know about Bradley Cooper
i also checked out some of his interviews...
he sound so decent, down to earth, funny,
super to die for..... he look quite versatile too... aww... i think he shot to fame with this film The Hangover
which is the movie im gonna watch now on Christmas day!
sigh... dream dream dream how high are the chances
to be able to see Bradley Cooper in person & take his pic?

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