Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pullip & Lati Dolls

somehow Pullip & Lati is not yet as inspiring as Blythe,
maybe cos Blythe feels more versatile for fashion & settings!
Pullip is not too bad, it feels really Japanese/Asian,
it feels more possible to make a mini-me!
(no they dont have chinese eyes/mata sepet!)
typical Japanese student look, love the Pullips Lips
i feel they have more of a smile than Blythe....

of course they have some pre-designed basic dolls
like this Audrey Hepburn, well coming from a country
that idolizes iconic people, this is clearly expected!

another famous Audrey Hepburn movie
'Sabrina' !!!! :D
and yes, this is what Pullip can represent,
i think Blythe can pull of Harajuku in a western way,
but Pullip seems more comfortable looking like this!
more Pullips and as expected Anime-feel! a little bit too droopy/dreamy eyed!!!
and most of it looks like a baby to me!!!!
right??????? but the colors are pretty soft tone,
could be camera effects, but anyhow,
different folks prefer different things anyway!
it seems they have an age range,
doesnt she just look like Suri Cruise??
(Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes daughter)
after the babies category,
you have the kawaii school girls and of course ikemen
(new trendy term learnt from Japanese colleague!)
i'm still googling the differences between all these dolls,
like the eyes color whether can change or not,
and the hair is it sewed or can be change,
costumes selections etc..... BUSY SUNDAY!!!
(to escape from thinking about work!!!)
i think i still like Blythe at the moment

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Pullip said...

Wow, Gorgeous Doll. I love Pullip doll and wanna to order this without waiting a single minute at PIJ :D
Its really decorous. Very Happy. Thanks!!!