Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blythe is a Lifestyle!

some may say Blythe dolls are creepy looking ......
yes, she does looks like she can take on life on her own! :)
but i think Blythe is a lifestyle!!!
i mean, look at how Blythe beautify so many things for you!how can you resist an Amelie Poulain Blythe????
how can you resist a Travelling Blythe????
how can you resist a Roxy Chick Blythe????
how can you resist a Blythe that allows you to escape????
escape into a world where only you can see the beauty!
indulge in a world where perfection exists just for you!
there's too many chaos and negativity outside
that brings people down, we all need inspirations in someways!
these pretty little things gives you a special moment with yourself!
i guess this pretty much started with my obsession of soft toys
(BertBert, Herbie, Shecky etc)
you get the idea if you have met them before, LOL!
yes, i may come across as weird as eccentric,
at least i know how to find happiness in little things
when everything is completely going wrong and haywire...

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