Saturday, December 5, 2009

Air Asia Baby!

on my way to Singapore via Air Asia, i was reading the inflight magazine December issue; what caught my eyes was an article about a mommy delivering baby while flying with air asia, i dont remember the exact details, but it was like 15mins after they took off and the mom went into labour pain and thank goodness there was a doctor on board the flight!!!

with the crew helping the doctor, the baby was safely delivered and both mommy and baby is safe, they both get air asia flights free for life, and the doctor gets like..2 return tickets... but the coolest of all was the baby's name, it was Asia Liew Ya Hang!!! Ya Hang means Air Asia in chinese, no kidding!

you can read the doctor's experience here and the news about the air asia baby here

ps McKay, see i told you before, Asia is a nice name lor!! LOL!

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