Thursday, November 19, 2009

New York : I Love You (2009)

thanks to Bradley Cooper, i was googling his filmography
and i found this, realizing, they really did it.....
it started with Paris Je t'aime

there were news that they're gonna replicate it
for the big city call big apple and they did it
and now we obviously have expectations
its gonna be a totally different feeling
because these are some star studded cast
honestly, FAMILIAR FACES of Hollywood !!!
would you pre-judge or watch with an open heart?
i'm soooo gonna watch it!!!!!!

would you think its cool or crap if they make a series?
one for Tokyo?? its prbbly gonna be called
Tokyo : Aishiteru !!!! hahaha!!!
come on they already did one for Europe (Paris)
one for North America (New York)
why shouldn't they do one for Asia neh???

academically thinking, THIS feels like a film genre,
where we can actually categorize the similarities together,
and immediately BANG you feel these films are pretty symbolic,
when they're piece together, you can call it a 'trend',
or even superficial because of replication
but no doubt about it, it is a very intriguing study!

makes me wonder who will appear in Tokyo : Aishiteru ??
if they do make one la....
OMG!!!!!!!!!! TAKUYA KIMURA????
omgomgomgomgomgomg, if this happen,
i sure win lottery within this lifetime! haha!


felice said...

Takuya Kimura Takuya Kimura Takuya Kimura

Takeshi Kaneshiro Takeshi Kaneshiro Takeshi Kaneshiro

both i also want!!!hahahahahaa

btw, i've been seeing the trailer of New York, I Love You for several times since last year?!! i think, really wonder how they compose the story and how it is differentiate/similar with the Paris J'etaime, any idea when will the New York be released here?

ariel said...

i'm soooo gonna watch it! =)

Fiona said...

I didn't know you were such a film buff, Fei! <3

Fei said...

dear felice, i actually didnt know there were trailers here in Mas??? no idea when is it going to be released either.... i think the concept is similar short stories combined, but the content would be very new york style gua~~ got leng chai i wanna watch, hahaha!!!

dear ariel, you should!!! and pray hard for an Asian one!!! Takeshi!!!hahahah!!!

dear fiona, haha!! not that big a film buff, but have the tendency to like films we dont get here often!!! we have too many hollywoodies here its a little bit