Thursday, November 19, 2009


do you celebrate christmas?
if you do, whats the highlight for you?
if you don't, then what do you do?

cos i'm showered with lots of christmas feeling
from colleagues and friends who are celebrating it,
celebrating because its tradition,
celebrating because its fun,
suddenly i dont know what to do about it!

and today i feel so pressured from everything,
as if every single question is directed at me,
its as if something is pressing on my shoulder,
its weird, so i want to sing really really loud in the car,
but the radio wasnt playing any song that i know....
so i wonder what i can do and i look forward to christmas
even though i do not celebrate it, its just something to look forward to


creative hamba said...

i am looking forward to holidayssss~~~~

ariel said...

can't wait for the holiday
we dun celebrate x'mas then, we celebrate a wedding ^^
see you~