Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Dont Want Much I Just Want Everything

is from this current hot TM commercial
(you'll notice they play it back to back in cinemas)
the first time i watched it
i thought it was MAXIS
cos MAXIS pioneered the paper concept advert
anyhow great effort from TM
but because TM have always been so un-YOUNG
i am still NOT convince by what TM can deliver
just because they made an impressive ad
doesnt mean they have change in an instant
i guess they just have to try harder to be hip!

1 comment:

felice said...

i hv same thought with u. i initially tot it was from Maxis, who knows it appeared TM at the end of the ads.

the ads is impressive and cute, it reminds me of another proposal ads, the guy swing the ring to the gal's ring finger..that one is so romantic..haha..okie back to the ads, ya, it's impressive but it doesn't convey they have better servie..haha