Sunday, November 15, 2009

GSC European Union Film Festival 2009

finally there is a film festival organized by GSC,
where i have time to catch, only RM5 per film,
EUFF 2009 website
the selections are not as intriguing as the last;
but its better than nothing because this is international cinema,
if i dont see it now, there's no other time to catch it,
really thankful for them to organize this film fest
(thats also the biggest attraction to go GSC)

international films, why?
cos they brew the atmosphere like they brew coffee
and the experience is always very satisfying despite
the unconventional storyline sometimes

and when there's a film fest, its an amazing perk,
cos you head to the Gold Class / Reservation
without having to queue the normal line to get tickets,
thats why i love these film fest so much,
stress level is much lower too to get tickets

with limited time, i narrow the choices down to
films with the most awards & nominations,
drove to 1Utama only RM1 parking & free screening!
"In The Boundless City" from Spain
en la ciudad sin limites
you can get tickets on a first come first served basis
film is a little bit of Spanish drama & unexpected ending
crafty/clever film, you always seem to anticipate something,
you dont know what but you're looking for something,
it was okay, might watch it again to learn more Spanish, lol

Next i drove to Mid Valley, getting parking on a Sunday
is near to impossible, so i parked in Northpoint,
which is EXPENSIVE but still worth it,
The Big Animal (Black & White film)
In Polish = Duze zwierze
a comedy with a tinge of bittersweet.
watching makes me sense a very strong
communist society of old Poland,
these are tough times but there sweet moments,
that a person can find and also losing it, thats why bittersweet

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