Sunday, October 18, 2009

where is fei is not geographical

where is fei? was not meant to be a deep question, come on, im never NEVER ever DEEP. trust me if u think i was deep, it was prbbly some illusionist trick.

where is fei? was meant to be a forward question; example a friend may asked this question and all i need to answer is in geographical terms of my whereabouts.

but today the question was not asked by a friend, but instead, the question was to myself; it started with hese status and messages i came across:

a friend posted pics from his australia trip
a friend wrote he just came back from tokyo
another friend wrote he's heading to botswana
another friend posted her pics from school in new zealand
and another friend is physically in singapore as we speak
you notice that these are all geographical answers, right?

next, i saw more status and messages:
a friend wrote he is minoring in french language
another friend questioned his emotional state
a friend has a fan webpage and very busy
a friend look completely different i barely recognize him
a friend speaks in long sentences with minimum 3 words i dont know, man i really dont know her anymore!

with all these msgs it hit me that where is fei is should not be a geographical question, all these time i have been answering the question of where is fei inaccurately by answering to others; when it is actually meant to be a question to ask myself so i can do something with my life!!!!!

where is fei in this state of her life?
where is fei and what is she doing with her life? -
where is fei what is her state of mind? -
where is fei, really, where is she now? -

thats what i need to answer, instead of looking outside with a question, i should take it inside and answer it truthfully. where am i now and where am i heading to? no one can tell me but myself.

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