Thursday, October 29, 2009

party like a rockstar

a vietnamese friend (Picca) and her boyfriend is in town,
very last minute, they texted me when they arrive in KL!

their airfare to and fro, KL - Ho Chi Minh City is only.....
BIG BIG GASP!!!! US$31!!!!!
thats freaking...RM110 something???!!!!
very very very lucky to have bought this ticket!!!!

they're so CUTE, guess what is on their to-do list coming to Malaysia?
try to guess la............ it is..................

1. visit IKEA store (they dont have IKEA!)
2. eat KFC (apparently they heard its so good!)
i was so amused with their list, they're just too cute!

this weekend they wanna go clubbing, party hard young people,
so im gonna go SOHO KL (we have a SOHO!haha)
and see what's good there, apparently Envy Club is not bad!~
and they have a hanging GLASS bridge!!!!!
music?? R&B is the way to party like a rock star yo!!!!!

i have NOT step into a club for ages....wish me luck

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