Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm the first to free you and the last to cry for you from a german pop song

this started when we were discussing music,
not german music but just lounge music like
Cafe del Mar, Hed Kandi and Chicane etc...
i have noooooooooooooo idea who they are
except for Hed Kandi thanks to Amanda Tay

the only reason we're even discussing this
is because my new colleague
loveessss chillax (chill + relax) music,
and that's when our German-Chinese intern
shared with us her huge music library!!!

she transferred like 7 German songs for me,
its all her favorite pop, i listen to it while working,
i acquired some liking to certain songs,
but some songs i just fell in love with,
its so European & foreign and so delicious!!!

i listen to it over a CD for 1 week,
without even trying to google video / lyrics,
i really like some of the songs... 4 out of 7!
i really wanna know the lyrics,
but it will surely be lost in translation,

so i googled today, and guess what i found?
i was expecting fair hair, fair skin Caucasian,
(i know im so superficial and stereotypical!)
yet the artists who sang these look so mixed!
the converge of cultures just makes you feel
"wow, amazing, i never thought of that"

i thought i'd put it here,
just so when you feel like
a foreign german pop song,
you can just listen to it!hehe!

my favorite is Und Wenn Ein Lied,
the lyrics melt me like crazy!!!

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nyonya said...

sounds interesting. i shall check it out. =)