Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OF ALL PEOPLE - Cristiano Ronaldo 噩梦的开始

i'm NOT even a fan of Manchester United,
(or football for that matter....)
let alone Cristiano Ronaldo with his ego look,
but now my work is related to Cristiano Ronaldo,
geeeesh i'm soooo STRESSS now!!!
everyone says HE is something that sells like a HOTCAKE,
like our program will suddenly be 'bejeweled' by him,
and to the point my stress actually bothers my sleep!!!
watch this first, tell you later la...

it started HERE....
when Real Madrid decides to pay Manchester Utd
for Ronaldo's a massive 85million pounds transfer !!!!!
chi sin! and here's the video of my nightmare starting to unfold
from wearing RED JERSEY, Ronaldo now wears WHITE JERSEY,
and now that he wears a Real Madrid jersey,
he now becomes my business, my amunition, my product,
wah lao weh, alongside with Kaka, Benzema, and Albiol,
i think i'm selling LENG CHAI football more than anything else!
because in my line of work, sports business is our product,
and it can ascend at the speed of light because of popularity,
which means, DIE DIE also i must sell because got RONALDO mah!
yes, THIS VIDEO right here is the product we're selling,
its pretty cool, but a lot of countries are not so tech savvy yet...

and yes, bcos of that, yesterday NIGHT when i go to sleep
Ronaldo appeared in my dream in his white jersey, (@_@)
not as a dashing prince or charming knight in armor,
but in his full football gear.... that's work man,
WORK in my dream already, kns....

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