Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grocery Expenditure - RM200

for a person who cooks dinner at least 5 times a week,
for 3 pax maximum or minimum 2 pax,
and miscellaneous household items (ir detergent, soap, shampoo)
that will cost about RM100..... bi-monthly.......
thus my grocery expenditure is still under control at RM200+
but sometimes when im lazy to cook, end up eating outside,
the meal expenditure can go up to RM300.....
bcos of spending food money outside, sooooo........
must control within budget to save money
advice for myself for the month
(ps to Jun, i havent try your recipe yet! dunno where to buy liu!)

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Gallivanter said...

Interesting shots of condom boxes in the background! Hahahahahahaha!