Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Weekend in Gohtong Jaya

i had been feeling deprived without camera for a while
but nonetheless we have Ms G9 and G10 in action
as we spent a short weekend; 1000m above sea level;

talked way a lot a lot about recent updates of everyone;
read books with beautiful page cover while lying on the mattress;
watch/rewatch japanese comedy by Toshio Lee - DMC,
slept to the amazing sounds of silence & symphony of insects,
(which may be eeriely spooky if you stayed there alone)
woke up to an urgent need to pee and hungry stomach;
with no rush to do anything or go anywhere but just eat;
we went to Sin Kie to had lunch, our eyes were BIG,
when we saw how SMALL the serving of our 干炒花肉
but went on and on talking about our work & life;
our highlight was prbbly visiting the up and coming

Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Farm (!_!)
brought along Dai & Shecky for a photo shoot
pretty pics is with Ms G9 & G10
maybe i just had lunch?
or maybe it wasnt cold enough?
but my desire to eat strawberry wasnt that strong;
coupled with the fact that the workers were sorting
strawberries with their barehands for sale at
RM10 per box

its scheduled to open late august/early september
we were discussing about the idea to quit our job
and work PART TIME in the strawberry farm!
you know we can be like tour guide right?
or like the girls suggested we can also help sell
Strawberry Jam!
Strawberry Ice Cream!
Strawberry Shake!
and many other Strawberry products too!

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萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

Thanks babe for this wonderful trip! haha... I love it. We go again!!!