Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fetish ( 恋物癖) on Renoir

这就是所谓的 fetish (恋物癖)
something you dont think that you'd come across
and will actually take a liking to,
but once you learnt, you are just fetish-ed abt it.
(just like desire for Leica or even Paris)

when i first watched Amelie Poulain
in the comfort of Marybone Project Phase 2 room
(we stayed on the new side with attached toilet lol)
i do not get THAT painting in the film at all
the one where the fragile men, friend of Amelie,
was painting in his old apartment...
i didnt have desire to look for the name of the painting,
but it stucked in my mind cos it seems
a key element in the film of Amelie's character

and so there was a charity fundraiser in my office,
and this is approx 3 years later (2009)
i saw the painting again! not the real deal la!
i bought it without thinking for RM20
not because i knew the value or the artist
i bought it chuck it into the cupboard cos no place to hang,
and only found out 6 months later when
i decided to clean up the cupboard to make space
came across the painting, i flip to the back to read
it was by Auguste Renoir, entitled
Luncheon at the Boating Party,

and immediately I enter the mode of research
i was in a book store, and didnt know what to buy,
as far as i know books on paintings are pricey,
i tried my luck, picked out a book IMPRESSIONIST,
only RM50, that means i need to sacrifice 5 meals of KFC,
i can do that for the sake of learning more, so i bought it!
and i like the first page that describe Renoir,
the words JUMPS out to my face suddenly
evoke this sense in me that i must achieve to understand,
im not pretending to be artsy fartsy, but at this current phase,
phase of our lives changes, and this is like a realization i can appreciate,
and these are images i love to imagine, people, pleasures, soft,
connection and disconnection, individuality, duality and most importantly,
NO RULE about how we live our lives and dream of dreams.....

Renoir's painting focus on people,
the rich compositions that portrayed Sunday pleasures
in the dance and excursion establishments in and around Paris
Young people in a cheerful mood, dancing, laughing,
talking, kissing in the shade of the trees.
Glances meet or miss each other,
people connect or turn away.
these scenes are characterized by
an incredible lightness and casualness,
both in the togetherness of the people and representation.

a soft brush stroke which avoids all decisive contours,
and a unification of color by means of dominating blues and yellows,
characterizes the harmonious impression of these paintings
nature becomes a diffused stage set,
an atmospheric space full of summer warmth,
it is both the warmth and sunlight that create
and reflect"Renoiristic" sentiments about life
the people in the paintings retain their individuality
and remain recognizable in their uniqueness

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