Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i am in love with...

I Like Minimalism

just like a budding love that blossom,
this beautiful site caught my eye, i thought it looked quite attractive,
so i took the first step to get closer to it, testing my waters,
i had my reservations about it at first too, why?
because i have had quite a few disappointed experiences...

after the initial first few glances, it kept me interested
mystery and beauty in one, i am very intrigued,
even though i know it is out of my league,
i also thought, maybe this could be the one,
and so i spend a little more to get to know it better,
i browse a little bit more, enjoyed a little bit more,
and its selection is quite delightful which kept me interested,

i took the next step to commit to it, a small step,
but one that changed my attitude towards it,
i subscribe to the daily newsletter, gingerly,
because i dislike annoying newsletter that serves no purpose to me,
at first it comes in fast and furious and seemed to be too much information,
and it has been almost a month now and i am starting to get use to it,
the inspiration that comes through, inspires me, opens up a world,
i love the fact that i can feel a little bit rush of love again,
even if it is just a website, at least, passion is what can keep one going,
and im glad i can reignite that passion in something again, i love being in love!

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