Tuesday, July 3, 2012

for a girlfriend

when good things are in the process of becoming a great thing,
that moment where you really really want to tell your friend,
but you know its not your business to, ARGH, the agony!
haha, but its a pretty damn good news for her, so how??
do you wait till it happens so that she experience it herself?
or do you pre-warn her or even secretly guide her there??
whatever it is, 10 years down the road, i'm gonna tell her,
"i knew it!"  and it would all be a great happy ending!
it is possible!!! even if she dont believe an ounce of it right now!
the more she resist it now, the more i see the possibility of it happening,
haha, LIFE is just so funny sometimes but im glad for once and thank goodness,
my instincts are telling me something really good is about to happen for others!!
its a relief to know and this means i totally know what im going to do next,
archive this in my diary and put a time capsule on it, say 10 years from now,
it will be wonderful to share that discovery when the time is ripe and right!
all the best for you my wonderful friend who will eventually believe in love!!

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