Monday, June 25, 2012

love story

aha that caught your attention ain't it?
i was eating dinner with mom, just 2 of us,
huddling in our small kitchen, around a small table,
just nibbling on the green papaya salad from the same bowl,
drip with passion fruit and nuts and black sesame
(no i did not make it) and listening to her talk about the past

stories, so many of them, where do i start writing down?

i've always love listening to true stories about how times were hard, and people that we know now had been so EXTRAORDINARY to make it through despite all odds. That survival instinct to keep going on. If you have imagined yourself in that scenario, you would give up in a second!

a series of love stories, of lovers, of sisters, of mother and daughter, of friends, love a beautiful magical world when you're in it and a painful cruel world when you no longer belong in it, both are extremes that inspires millions of poems, love songs, books etc and the funniest thing is, it is prescient to exactly how you feel!

i'm further inspired to listen more, to observe, to find that inspiring strength, knowing that it is possible to love and heal thyself when it is time to leave it behind because it is just not going to happen. i feel a million of mix feelings every single minute if not every second, i also know having the ability to feel this way makes me human and more importantly, compassionate not hate is what stems out from within, i am just very very thankful and grateful that after the series of events that has happened, i realize that i have that space in me which i can handle all these craziness, i tell myself be kind be kind and do not punish myself and that it is okay to be weak sometimes, and let someone else help you, that it is okay to make a mistake, even if its reversible, because it tells you never to hurt anyone anymore. so thats it. now lets start working on those love stories from the past...

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