Saturday, May 5, 2012

to write or not to write

was cleaning up all the history traces of my name and nicknames online and deleting stupid accounts i dont use anymore like multiply hi5 friendster (my goodness!) and all these nonsense social sites. yes something you should consider doing once in a blue moon if you want to protect your privacy online in case someone (like your future employer OR worst, stalker googles you!) maybe i shouldnt blog that much. i mean what happens after a person leave this world and all these traces are still here? its just very freaky dont you think?? but i dont think any of this matters at the moment cos i dont write full names when i blog or do it...? and why do people blog? i think its just need to publish things out there to share and find an existence in this virtual space. same as people who tweet, instgram, check-ins etc, the point is to share something. SATURDAY. im bored. i want to go out, but no one to share anything with. i guess i better go paint again. and yes, i should be cooking this weekend, but what to cook for mom and dad?? hmmm....

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