Friday, September 23, 2011

words that loses its meaning

have you notice yourself saying something so often that it loses its meaning?

so how do you bring the meaning back and mean what you say to someone?

does this mean saying it less often will make it more special when you say it?

or does this mean when its said too often the person interprets it as normal?

i dont know, i've been wondering, i talk to people everyday,
i'm beginning to feel like im an empty talker,

i dont really have a lot to say
even though i have tons of things going on in my mind,

i dont think i should share everything
cos it will bore the hell out of people, yes? no?

but some people does that all the time,
and do people really listen? maybe they do

am i enjoying seclusion too much
that i dont listen to people anymore?
im already a bad listener, i should improve,
not deteriorate!

so maybe i should talk less
but that doesnt mean im antisocial.
its just that i really need to listen to you sometimes.

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