Tuesday, September 13, 2011

alcohol laden drenched smothered day

it was a beautiful wedding ceremony at the hidden valley ranch
Luke & Michelle (pic from Michelle's album)
against the backdrop of the magnificent rocky mountains
and amidst all that cow poop, wasp, bugs, sinking heels,
we had an amazing time tanning and omg drinking so much!
beer on top of Indian head, its a tradition,
but i don't understand why though
Fireball whisky going around, i really really like it!
it taste like cinnamon and warms you up when you're cold!
the difference is, some people chugs it...
i sipped.
this is before the dinner reception started,
and we've already emptied the bottle of fireball,
doing vodka shots, white, red wine and beer,
can you imagine what we were like at end of the night?
pics courtesy of Scott's iPhone4

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