Saturday, July 30, 2011


on days like this when i cant wait to finish my work and pull myself away from my laptop, sometimes memories makes me stop and my desire to search for info plug me online longer than i expected that's why i'm still online with multiple tabs open on all kinds of information. BUSY.

i was browsing through my gtalk and gmail history, just to check on those that i've put a little yellow star on it because i do plan to revisit the thread of conversations since it must be something important. I came across this old email which puts a smile on my face, i know you don't like the idea of public display of affection and i think i'm the complete opposite of you, if i want to kiss you just let me kiss you, if you're worried about the public, please just empty your mind, close your eyes and be in the present with me.

it was an email you sent to me when we were both in the same living room in KL, i was obviously working till 2am as usual and fell asleep on top of my laptop which is not a rare occurrence, its funny how scared and nervous you are of waking me up, am i really that grumpy and bitchy?? its sweet you observe and understand me that well, really, and i guess maybe i am because i am very very particular about unperturbed sleep time. I'm prbbly one of the few rare breeds in this world who actually turns off their phone while sleeping!!!!

this is what you wrote and emailed me BEFORE you woke me up, hahahah hilarious boy!!!

"You are sleeping next to me on the couch right now, I am going to try and wake you up now... scary! If this is the last thing i do, just remember i love you baby. MMMMauh. Here goes nothing..... Haha"

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