Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camping @ Sundre

the day before we went camping @ Sundre,
there was a tornado warning, we head there anyway,
i think it is still outside the tornado area.

pictures in no particular sequence.
our tent and all our food in the car.
a mobile hot tub by the river, its THE best thing to bring along!
toilet in the wilderness, great view ahead, seriously!
just before rafting in the INSANELY ice cold glacier water!!!
it was so cold my feet was numb, when the rock hit me,
i dont even feel a thing and my teeth were clattering of cos,
i will do it again if the sun is OUT and i'm suited up better~
this is Koheun from Korea.
medium rare steak, definitely a big treat when you're camping,
compared to the instant gooey food in a bag....
scott's co-worker trailer, they camp a lot!
campfires is a must and Rudy is doing a great job
and a smiley face on the log i think Brooklyn did it,
marshmallow with chocolate covered cookie!

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