Saturday, June 18, 2011

wobbly sketch

Friday evening for me, Saturday morning for you,
picked out a few pictures and start sketching, WOBBLY!
I use to only sketch or paint once a year in Gohtong,
that is only when I'm not sleeping the whole weekend!
today started slow from 10pm and done by the 130am...Here I have so much time
learning to reduce TV time and (GASP!) Internet!
this keeps me occupied as long as i'm not sleepy,
maybe I should really work on the puzzle, its been a while.
I'm quite satisfied with it,
I wonder if YeeWean can give me advice on what to do?
Yee Wean!!!!!!

1 comment:

yee.wean said...

sorry darling im late!!!
hoho u did it well i hv to say.
if u really like sketching, keep a journal of ur own then. draw a little something everyday. it can be anything. then u can start to apply colour. marker does amazing effect but takes time to master it. Jia You~~~