Wednesday, June 8, 2011

stay within the same timezone

planned the day and told myself to follow the timetable
i shouldn't overexert or overstay in Asian timezone,
because when i overstay in a different timezone,
i end up sleeping way more and wasting the time that im in,time out should be at exactly 10pm and shut the comp,
chill for an hour and try to get some sleep the next,
it isnt working so far, yesterday was ridiculous,
4 breaktime (water, grape juice, milk, orange juice)
and stayed long in Asian time working hours,
by the time i really fall asleep it was almost 6am!
i woke up at 10am, turn off the alarm, next thing you know
its almost 3pm when i woke up and half the day is gone!!!!
no wonder im feeling like shit right now, time wasted!
im gonna write it down here so it will happen,
please stay within the same timezone!!!!!!

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