Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the habit of writing

the habit of writing might be coming back here,
or asked to go towards an unknown destination,
because with insufficient words the habit of writing
no longer have a choice to make its own decision
and might be forced to leave this town.
i wonder if this a willing or a forced decision of the habit of writing
to come and go whenever it is asked to,
it seems that the ultimatum is not within its jurisdiction,
it is asked to go where it has to go,
and stay where it has to stay.

i feel sorry for the habit of writing,
because no matter where it goes,
there is no longer a genuine thought in itself,
as the habit of writing is now controlled by external factors.

no matter how hard it tries, it cant hold on to a decision
that is real and true to itself because it does not belong anywhere,
so the habit of writing continues to write tunes that
people wants to read and here instead of
writing tunes that the habit of writing really wants.

i wish that one day the habit of writing
will be able to live true to itself
and write the most melodious tune
even if no one else in the world listens to it
at the very least it is true to its heart.

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