Friday, December 10, 2010

Mexican Food TACO

we actually had a mexican colleague joined our company,
to help our sales in Latin America cos he speaks spanish.
around the same week coincidentally, scott decides to make
TACO, this is like the biscuit/bread to carry the fillings
Scott bought a box of "hard taco kit" maybe they have a soft one
this is ground beef cook in a pot no need oil or anything
just cook and cook with slice chop garlic and onion
the below is a bit.. mind boggling!
technically i dont know what goes in first but i campur everything
the green bowl is fresh avocado with lime
the white cream is sour cream
the can thing is black olive, and tabasco sauce behind
the plate is full of orange cheddar cheese,
cut tomatoes, lettuces, and a small corner of
chinese green pickled chilly, i guess to replace
the spicy green jalapeno that we dont have.
i ate 4 TACO and its a full meal already, crazy.
but its really yummy! i think i can make this at home,
my mexican colleague told me "TEX MEX" is the best brand.
i guess can try to find in malaysia?

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ariel said...

wow! very savoury~