Thursday, December 16, 2010


Scott's mom invited us over to help decorate the Christmas Tree
it is my first time, so i find it quite fascinating,
this year they did not get a real tree (awww...)
so this tree is already set up with electronic lightsi find out that christmas tree decoration is not just about pretty,
it is a very personalize style, it can be anything from handmade to purchase,
it definitely has some significant meaning too! for example
this was Scott's first Christmas, his parents specially got this for him
to light up this little house, we stick one of the light bulb into it
its one of my favorite christmas decor
i think this is the MOST IMPORTANT decor of all...
it is the first to go up to the tree
i suppose it can also be the last depending on individual
and these are fantasy world style decor,
there are too many but i picked out these 2
and a Mermaid princess playing harp
i think glass decor is one of my favorite,
because it catches the light and it sparkles
a pair of beautiful glass shoes (see how its in front of the lights)
and the reindeer, before the light he was normal,
with the light he sparkles and captures attention
not forgetting the religious meaning of the occassion
and the season of christmas, cold and snowy in most country
and tons of sizes, designs, colors of decorative balls everywhere!
and the final result!
there is a skirt at the bottom to cover it
and where presents will be place around for christmas day!
and i realize this is the FIRST picture of myself
from this trip, i think im really out of touch with camera,
i prbbly should send this picture home to my family soon
and post here for friends haha, that i am fine and my hair is unruly!


ariel said...

your hair is long, as pretty as the christmas tree heh~ ^^

@ltramann said...

Pretty christmas tree!!
I can feel the christmas now!

jooknun said...

wow, the light bulb is definitely a great memory after years~!!!
maybe you should buy one for yours next time.
傳宗接代 XD

lulu said...

yaya so touching when i saw the light bulb!

im so glad to see u again Fei Wen!
have yourself a great great xmas!

karenyiau said...

Hi Fei, so long didn't see you, miss you! Your hair is so much longer now, pretty. :) Do update more photos. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. :D cheers!