Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beer Butt Chicken looking like he is taking a poop so pictures are disturbing

let me show the end result first,
looks like Kenny Rogers kan??
the way they cook it is quite interesting,
usually on a BBQ pit, but because the one at home
is covered with snow, so we had to use oven instead.

instead of a beer BOTTLE, we had to substitute with a CAN
you can buy this in the shopping mart and DIY
the can is too big, so scott had to crush it lower

chicken of the day, lets call him chicky.
so we stuff chicky's butt onto the beer can

this is how the bottom part look like
the container is to capture the oily fat as the oven heats the chicken
marinate the chicky with sauce, and put it in the oven at least 45mins
and every 15mins have to take the chicky out
and paint the sauce again and again until it is cooked.
it was a long process but it was worth it

the chicky looks funny here, like he is taking a poop!

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Jiun said...

looks yummyyyyyyy !!!!!