Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010年的最後一小時, 你會突然想到誰?

Ashin Mayday's post brought an interesting question,
I realize I have not really thought about it,

It reminds me of the concept of meditation and transfer metta to a person, Somehow, believe it or not, the person will receive your metta,
They will feel the tranfer of merits from you to them,
It could well be only 10secs, but its a feeling of bliss they could feel.

I guess in the most basis of in our reality, we call it coincidence,
When we thought of someone at that instance our phone rang too,
When we hear a song which we want to share,
At that instance the person you're thinking about may call you too,
Many coincidences like these has occured before
I believe positive energy will always move around,
Thus, in the last hours of 2010, why dont we take a moment
To think of someone and transfer our love to them,
I guess they will be able to feel it somehow.

会不会是距离的原因? 感觉不能就这样回家很伤心。

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萨布丽娜 蛋 said...

我们都好好的~ 放心哟~