Monday, August 23, 2010

testing banner 1

Scott the Silly Boyfriend is suddenly into Photoshop
and made this banner for the blog, so very sweet of him,
i actually like the effort a lot a lot!!! cos i dont know how to use photoshop
and i like the idea of designing, creation from nothing to something
its really sweet cos it feels like an effort he is making to understand me
and project that understanding into a design, wow....
sigh, i've always wanted to be someone's muse,
never thought it would happen, but i guess with scott it did,
thank you!!!!~~ even he said something more bubbly
would be more suitable than this one, im not sure,
i swing to both extreme, i like pink but i have tons of black too.
actually before this Sabrina did help me designed once
and its a nice collage with all my face, but me paiseh to banner it... haha!
i guess we need to resize it again....

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