Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hidden Valley Ranch

i can never get enough writing about this ranch :)
most probably because its the first time im out in a ranch.
it reminds me of the song Home on the Ranch
ranch belongs to Barry & Susan (Scott's friend Luke's parents)
this was us, under the hot summer sun, it was already past 5pm
Susan (right) was hanging out with her bff Patty (left)
and the big dog with us, ahh i forgot his name???!!
they were doing girlie stuff like manicure and pedicure lol sooo cute
we joined them after our long day at the LAKE/BEACH
enjoying Patty's homemade mojito, its most delicious!
Patty grows herb as a hobby back home, and the mint leaves
came straight from her garden from home all the way to the ranch
and you know whats the COOLEST thing here? the ice maker.
yeap, we are so use to our modern amenities, so you prbbly didnt notice it
Susan is just beaming with pride with her brand new ice maker!
Susan loves cooking, i dont know how to describe to you,
her love for cooking is so great that she brings this one item
can you guess what is it?? no... not this book...
(she was asking me about BBQ PORK = Char Siew)
but a WOK!!!!!!
yes, im freakin serious,
Susan brings her WOK wherever she travels!
it was amazing, i just look at her wide eyed,
and i just wanted to take Herbie out and showed her!
which I did the next day, n she completely understands how I feel!
there's this affinity with these ladies out in the ranch,
which i cant describe, but im very very grateful that our paths cross
this is us, when the day is getting late, and the wind starts to get chilly
Patty suggested a picture with the nice mountain backdrop,
and we took like a couple because Scott kept messing up, lol
(there were a lamp post or if not the sky was cut off or too low etc)
im wearing a nice & warm sweater straight out from Susan's closet,
feels like i finally belong somewhere in the middle of nowhere

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