Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turtles Can Fly - The Saddest Saddest Saddest Film I've Ever Watched

To people who might be skeptical about foreign film (non hollywood). This film scores 90% at RottenTomatoes Tomatometer, the same as one of the all time favorites Amelie Poulain... even Life Is Beautiful scored only 78%... (well of cos it still cant beat the all time favorite from Hollywood, Good Will Hunting at 97%) whatever score it is, its a work of human magic that you should witness.

To Scott, I think you should understand a little bit more why I've always think in this way about what I want to do and being very stubborn about it, this may help you understand better. Turtles Can Fly.

I remember watching this film at a World Vision event with Shuxian, my life was like a planet shifted into the black hole after that.

I was disturbed, I was completely shocked, and I could NOT, and I do mean I could NOT speak a single word after the movie ends. My voice my thoughts my whole world was swallowed by tears that was so angered that it couldnt even pour out of my heart.

I walked down the stairs like I have no weight, my mind race through the film wondering what went wrong with this cruel world and why am I here in this hall doing nothing, nothing at all... no words, completely no words until i go to bed when my tears finally fall and fall through the night.

I am not sure if I can watch it a second time... Speechless is closest to the emptiness and hollow feeling I had in my stomach that night after the movie, all I know is I have decided to go to war with war itself.

Maybe in the end you will finally understand why I wish I could do so much so so so so so much in so so so many places with just everything i have in this world, it aches me so much to see someone sad and that I cant help, it could be anything and if I just choose to sit here I have wasted one more day of my life. maybe thats why i shouldnt be doing what i am doing now professionally, its a joke like a facade i'm trying to hide behind and curtained out the ugliness of this world, in comparison if i had chose a different path... I just want you to know that I will do it one day and nothing can stop me, when we have seen something, we just cant ignore it, and i cant either. if i watch it the second time, i'm not sure what will i do next.

and this light trailer is Hollywood crap, it focuses on a different angle, after you watch the movie, you will prbbly be disgusted with this trailer

but this is the real deal trailer even if it was just done for an assignment - WARNING DO NOT WATCH IT IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR IT.

If you think you are ready, you can watch Turtles Can Fly here on PPS -

again, I am WARNING you to watch it only when you are ready.


jooknun said...

i dun dare to click.... mama~~~~~~~

ariel said...

duno if i'm ready
but i'm going to watch in a bit...

Shu said...

I remember too, walking out of the movie theatre with you and feeling numb, unable to react, unable to feel anymore.

This movie still haunts me, as it does you.