Sunday, April 4, 2010

what is wrong being mainstream?

this post is dedicated to the articles i've read that pisses me off.

so what is wrong being mainstream?
its not a crime for goodness sake,
i hate it when how people pre-judge you,
just because you like the latest Britney Spears song, wtf.
i will fight for your interest even if it means going to jail,
they think they are always right, thats annoying.

so you think being non-mainstream is cool?
why dont you try to define to me what is non-mainstream,
i expect a 300 words essay, TNR font, size 12, double spacing
by Monday on my desk at the office.

so what if there are people who are mainstream?
does that mean you cut off your ties with them,
and live in your punk'd up world,
thinking you are oh-so-unique- like the untouchables?

oh jeez give me a break, that narrow mindedness,
is what makes this world so hard to live with you,
because you expect people to live it your way,
and when they do, you dont feel unique anymore,
and you keep bitching about it on how not special you are,
see, NOTHING pleases you, you cant bear people who are
and yet you can't bear people who are similar to you,

for christ sake, you eat, shit, sleep just like anyone,
and just for the record, there are people just like you,
survey says just because you havent met them,
it doesnt classify you as unique

so technically,
if they surpass the 50% mark,
you are actually mainstream too,
you are mainstream struggling trying to be non-mainstream
and in the process makes life difficult for everyone,
just because 'you think' your world view is different,
and you JUDGE people & defines their zone and area to you,
thats what irks me the most,
what business is this about non-mainstream? my ass!

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