Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vietnam - Grand Hotel, Dong Khoi, HCMC

for one, Dong Khoi sounds like 東區 in Taiwan, right?
we booked Grand Hotel through
could it be because its booked through this website,
that's why it is so.... lan???!!!

when i just checked in,
they asked me what time do i want to check out
for this i understand because im staying only for one night

but when i reach the room, i only have less than an hour
to prepare for my next meeting, the stupid damn card,
doesnt work to activate all the electricity in the room

i dont mind if this hotel was established in 1930,
and i dont mind if things looked a lil bit antique,
but thank god its clean and have no weird odour,
but i have to call the electrician to fix the thing
so in the meantime i can't really shower right?

next after he left, i switch on my laptop,
trying to get on wifi, didnt work perfectly,
have to call them again,
so delay my shower time again

next when i shower, its the traditional type,
where i have switch on the hot water button,
so since i didnt switch the button early enough
(who the hell still use this in modern hotels)
so the hot water is lukewarm to cold!

never mind, after that i have to use the hair dryer,
its the traditional type, where they fix to the wall,
the ones that you see in old sports recreational clubs
so after a while of using the hair dryer,
its too hot to hold the handle, so i wait for a while,
next thing you know, i cant use it anymore, kns.

after all this drama, went out for meetings,
came back and collect my room card from the reception,
wanna pee like crazy but when i reach my room
i cant open the door with the card!


so luckily there's a phone on the same level,
i had to call the reception to get me a new card....

i like this area, Dong Khoi, its like our Bukit Bintang,
but the hotel option could be better.......

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