Saturday, January 30, 2010

Color Cities of India

trust me, one trip to India is not enough,
you can do either the route thing or
possibly themed holidays like this one too!
(esp if you're an avid photographer, you will be mad to miss this!)

i came across an article long long time ago when i was in school,
something about India Cities and the Colors,
I don't remember the name of the ancient cities,
but i do remember the colors, PINK , BLUE , WHITE !
and not just limited to one building, it applies to the overall city!
it is too long to summarize the ancient history of the cities,
so the links below (city names) should be a good start!

all these cities should be accessible from New Delhi,
because they are all under Rajasthan area.

Jaipur - the PINK city
also known as the Red City.

Jodhpur - the BLUE city
reminds me strongly of Santorini in Greece.

Udaipur - the WHITE city
and my favorite city of all is this one because its romantic!
famous for Royal Palaces and Lakes, its like being a Princess!

India India India why are you so beautiful and yet so far?

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