Sunday, December 20, 2009

又一对新耳环哦! Pearl Earrings!

hahahaha! you must be thinking i am WEIRD,
writing about earrings i purchased lor!!!
main reason is because THEY make a difference
to what i wear and how i feel that day,
i was planning it advanced, i cannot afford a brand new dress,
(i was attending SEVEN weddings okay??!!!)
but i totally can affoard a pair of earrings to make a difference!
TA-DA!~~ and i wore YELLOW shoes that day too!!!! so happy!!
(p.s. i mix match pearl earrings on both ears from different design,
so im not really sure which ear is this earring..kekeke)
my next aim is a Blood Red silky dress or Ruby Red earrings.
i prbbly cant wear this to a wedding either, (for hosting i mean)
it feels very pantang, like im gonna steal the groom away... haha!
but i really would love a whole wardrobe of ONE colored dress!
dont you think its fun???? but it all comes with budget concern lor..
next year bah................

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